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4ways Healthcare

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Accuray Europe AS

Stand: O8

Agfa Healthcare

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Agito Medical

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Alliance Medical

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Stand: 11

Bayer Plc

Stand: 81

Bracco UK Ltd

Stand: 9

Brainlab Sales GmBH

Stand: O22-O23

British Institute of Radiology

Stand: P2

British Society for the History of Radiology

Stand: P1

Calgary Scientific

Stand: 38

Care UK

Stand: 40

Carestream Health

Stand: 22


Stand: 7

Cobalt is a medical charity helping people affected by cancer, dementia and other conditions.  The Charity operates Imaging Centres in Cheltenham and Birmingham providing MRI, PET/CT and Cone Beam CT services and a fleet of 6 mobile MRI scanners, which include the only 3.0 Tesla mobile MRI service in Europe.

Cobalt also provides education and training for medical professionals on a local, national and international basis and offers opportunities for career development for radiographers.  The Charity funds and participates in research.

Cobalt was the first imaging service in the UK to be accredited by the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS).

Cook Medical

Stand: O47

De Smit Medical

Stand: O1

Devon Medical

Stand: 73

Diagnostic Healthcare Ltd

Stand: Mobile unit


Stand: O18

Dupont Protection Solutions

Stand: O19

For many years, DuPont Protection Solutions (division of DuPont NYSE:DD) has been putting science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to keep people, products and processes safe. One of the areas in which safety and health are of paramount importance is in cleanrooms and controlled environments. DuPont Tyvek IsoClean garments have a long history of use in cleanrooms due to their excellent barrier to particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous liquids.

The Tyvek IsoClean range of garments and accessories, specially designed for controlled environments is an ideal combination of protection, quality, comfort and contamination control. The Tyvek IsoClean portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of solutions designed for use in settings that require high standards for particle and microbiological contamination control.

Visit us on stand 019 and talk to our specialists or learn more on



Stand: 60


Stand: O36-38

Envirotect Ltd

Stand: 87

Envirotect Limited are an ISO9001 registered company offering high quality structural Radiation and RF Shielding for medical and industrial applications throughout the UK and internationally.

Our specialist range of products are manufactured within the UK and provide a total Radiation and RF Shielding package suitable for medical facilities such as X-ray suites, CT scanner rooms and RF cages for MRI.

As well as our core business of shielded wall linings, door sets, control windows, lead vinyl and x-ray screens we also design and manufacture a range of shielded cabinets.

Come and meet our small friendly team at UKRCO or visit our website

Address: Unit L5 Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 4UH
Phone: +44 (0)1525 374374

Esaote UK

Stand: 71

Esaote are committed to offering solutions aimed at increasing efficiency, improving diagnostic accuracy, reducing operating costs and improving patient experience. With more than 3,500 MRI scanners already installed we understand the needs of today’s evolving healthcare market so have introduced a range of dedicated scanners which when compared to whole body systems, have a significantly lower capital purchase cost, consume around 85% less power, have lower staffing costs and are much cheaper to maintain. Our one room solutions, in particular our O-Scan extremity and our G-Scan Brio Weightbearing MRI systems, provide an innovative solution to all of your clinical and operational needs.

Flen Health UK

Stand: O15

Fujifilm UK Ltd

Stand: 91-95

GE Healthcare

Stand: 77

Globe Locums

Stand: 54

Gold Anchor

Stand: O41

Guerbet Laboratories

Stand: 24-27

Healthcare Software Solutions

Stand: 6

Hulbert Dental

Stand: 20-21


Stand: TBC

Imaging Equipment

Stand: O42-46

Infinitt UK Ltd

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Stand: 16

Insignia Medical Systems

Stand: 41

Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

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Stand: 23


Stand: P4

JCA Seminars

Stand: 56

Jennie Reeves Radiographers Agency

Stand: 68

Jusha Display Technology

Stand: 85

Lamboo Mobile Medical


LBGT Cancer Support Alliance

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Stand: 88


Stand: 47-49


Stand: 42

Medi Scientific Ltd

Stand: 76

Medica Reporting Ltd

Stand: 80

Medics Pro

Stand: 37

Micropos Medical

Stand: O17

Mirion Technologies

Stand: 8

MIS Healthcare

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Stand: 32

Nuffield Health

Stand: 64

Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd

Stand: O6-O7

Oncology Systems Ltd

Stand: O24 & O35


Stand: 45, O30-O32

Phoenix Dosimetry

Stand: O48

PROACT Medical Ltd

Stand: 55

PROACT Medical Ltd are proud to present BLOXR® _XPF® _X-Ray Radiation Protection Apparel and ULTRABLOX® _X-Ray Attenuating Cream at the UK Radiological Congress.

XPF® X-Ray Apparel protects your body – _and brain – _with no compromise. Lightweight, flexible protection that is machine washable, made in USA and patented. Don’t forego your hands — ULTRABLOX® X-Ray Attenuating Cream helps reduce dose exposure without limiting your performance. Protects hands during C-Arm procedures and retains tactile feel and sensitivity.

PROACT will also present NONIN MRI compatible Pulse Oximetry. Please visit us on stand 55 where our Sales Representatives will be pleased to provide further information.

Promedics Ltd

Stand: O20

Protecx Medical Ltd

Stand: 39


Stand: O4-O5

Pukka-j Ltd

Stand: 34

Radiological Research Trust

Stand: P5

Radiology Management Systems

Stand: 89

Radiology Reporting Online

Stand: 58


Stand: 46

Rayence Co. Ltd

Stand: 14

Rayence, headquartered in South Korea, is global leading manufacturer and a premier supplier of flat panel detectors (FPD) for digital radiography imaging systems. We provide a complete line of high quality a-Si TFT and CMOS X-ray detectors in a variety of sizes that are specifically designed to deliver a customized solution for diagnostic medical, dental, veterinary, and non-destructive testing applications. We continually redefine our development and manufacturing process to assure that our digital imaging solutions provide images that exceed the expectations of our customers and generate a low cost of ownership to the various markets we serve.

Raysearch Laboratories Ltd

Stand: O12


Stand: 3

Sectra Ltd

Stand: 44

Siemens Healthineers

Stand: 79

Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers around the world to meet their current challenges and to excel in their respective environments. A leader in medical technology, Siemens Healthineers is constantly innovating its portfolio of products and services in both its core areas in imaging for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes as well as in laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine. Siemens Healthineers is also continuously developing its digital health services and hospital management offerings, working closely with operators to develop common fields of business and to help them to not only minimise their risks, but also to exploit new opportunities. For further information visit

Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (SMRT)

Stand: P6

The Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (SMRT), a Section of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), is the leading non-profit organisation that provides an international forum for education, information and research in magnetic resonance for radiographers and technologists throughout the world.

As an organisation, we are committed to promoting the dissemination of cutting-edge MR developments. The SMRT works to advance education and training, while striving to promote a high level of knowledge and professionalism in the field of MR radiography and technology.

+00 925 825 7678 (SMRT)

Soliton IT

Stand: 51

Southern Scientific

Stand: 113

Based in Henfield, West Sussex, Southern Scientific has been supplying equipment for Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray QA and Radiation Protection applications for over 25 years.

Within our range we supply and support Specialist Gamma Camera’s from MIE and Digirad , X-Ray QA products from RTI, Pehamed, RSD, The Phantom Laboratory , Nuclear Medicine based products  from Capintec and Amici. Our own range of products includes radiation and contamination monitoring instruments as well as a comprehensive range of laboratory counting systems.

For further information please visit, send us an email to  or call us on 01273 497600.

Synapse Medical

Stand: 13

Telemedicine Clinic Ltd

Stand: 18

Increasing numbers of NHS Trusts are proactively switching to TMC’s reporting services. They are secure in the knowledge that they are gaining access to unlimited Elective and On Call reporting capacity to support those awkward holiday periods, when demand exceeds supply.

TMC’s bespoke teleradiology platform; Optemis™, provides secure HL7 RIS to RIS integration, with auditing capabilities that exceed the RCR guidelines for peer review. Our sophisticated delivery model is backed with 24/7 support, ISO9001/27001, CQC, ICO 1998 and ISAS accreditation.

TMC is proud to bring the benefits of ‘next generation’ teleradiology to the UK.

Contact 0845 020 5250.


Stand: 10

The College of Radiographers

Stand: P8

The Medical Defence Union

Stand: 19


Stand: 12


Stand: P7

Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS)

Delivering quality diagnostic imaging services

The Royal College of Radiologists and The College of Radiographers have developed the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) to help diagnostic imaging services ensure their patients consistently receive high quality services delivered by competent staff working in safe environments. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) delivers and manages the ISAS Scheme on behalf of the Colleges and carries out assessments for accreditation against all elements of the ISAS Standard.

To find out more about ISAS visit us on stand number P7.


Ultrasound Technologies Ltd

Stand: O3

Unfors Raysafe

Stand: 50

University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust

Stand: 75

Varian Medical Systems

Stand: O25/26/33/34

Vertec Scientific Ltd

Stand: O11

Virtual Medical Coaching

Stand: 84

Visbion Ltd

Stand: 65 & 69

Wardray Premise Ltd

Stand: 62-63

Wardray Premise is a long established company specialising in manufacturing of all types of Radiation Shielding for medical and industrial applications including RF Cages.

Wardray Premise manufacture several MR Accessories for the MRI Department including, Patient Trolleys, Paediatric and Adult versions, Portering chairs, and Utility Trolleys. We can also offer bespoke products to suit customer’s requirements.

In addition, X-ray protective products include Lead Aprons, Screens, Doors, Lead Glass Windows and Workstations. Accessories include x-ray Patient Trolleys, Scoliosis and Proctology chairs.

Other MR Accessories available include Patient Monitoring, Paediatric coils, Audio Visual Entertainment system and LED Relax & View® Image collection.



Stand: 111-112

Xograph Healthcare Ltd

Stand: 90


Stand: O13